Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Here at Guitar Lessons Aberdeen, nothing makes us prouder than hearing that one of our guitar students has entered the recording studio for the first time to record a debut EP! To help you along your way we have created a list of some of the best venues in Aberdeen to rehearse and record your work! Enjoy, in no order...

Captain Toms Music is a great rehearsal space located within a few minutes walk of Aberdeen's city centre. They provide great facilities - check out the picture below - at reasonable renting rates, £15 per hour for a full band or £7.50 for individual artists. The three practise rooms come fully kitted out with soundproofed walls, PA systems, drum kits and guitar and bass amps. It is well furnished and has a great vibe, with friendly staff to help with instrument hire if needed. Captain Toms Music also offers recording time as well! Great place to use as a local band - check it out!

Musical Vision offers some truly awesome rates for full day recording - the Weekend Band Discount 8 hours for £150 or £25 per hour weekdays - is combined with state of the art recording equipment and talented producers. Having recorded many local bands Musical Vision is a great studio to check out if you are thinking of recording your first EP! They also have rehearsal studio space to offer, rentable for £13.50 per hour - less for block bookings - and with six rooms Musical Vision should be able to squeeze a spot in for your band. Located at 67-69 Nelson Street, Aberdeen AB24 5ER, they are certainly worth having a look at!

Exile Studio located a little outside of Aberdeen, situated between Torphins and Lumphanan in a scenic rural location, is a fantastic studio for indie, rock and metal bands to record their first EP! Their equipment is second to none, with great advice and guidance from the recording staff - nothing, however, beats the location in the countryside and the epic in-house arcade! Good solid record studios!

Aberdeen Foyer is a Scottish charity aimed at providing opportunities for people to practise and record music. Open to people of all ages, the rehearsal space is rentable from £10 per hour with decent equipment. Aberdeen Foyer also has 24-channel studio recording equipment which can be used at £15 per hour, a great place to take a look at if you are a young band trying to find a place to practise - find Foyer Music at Marywell Centre, Marywell Street, Aberdeen AB11 6JF.

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