Aberdeen Guitar Lessons

Aberdeen Guitar Lessons

Elias knows just what it feels like to start learning guitar, it can be a little bit daunting! Especially before your first guitar lesson, but you really have nothing to worry about - he will make you feel absolutely at ease from the first moment of your first lesson.

He always starts off the first lesson with a friendly chat about your favourite music, the guitarist you would like to play like and your favourite songs. He then will start teaching you the guitar music you love. Elias's lessons are personalized to every student's needs to create a journey for learning guitar that is fun, exciting and excels the speed that you learn guitar.

The content of the lessons is driven by your particular musical taste as well as favourite artists because learning the songs you want to play helps you practise at home. He mainly gives one to one tuition, although small group lessons can be arranged if you are interested - most of the guitar lessons are taught at a home teaching space but lessons at the students' homes can also be arranged as well. You have absolutely nothing to lose so drop us an email now to find out more about the lessons!

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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Professional Guitar Teacher | Prices: £25 per hour | Electric & Acoustic Guitar Tuition | Beginners Welcome