Guitar Shops in Aberdeen

Guitar Shops in Aberdeen

Here at Guitar Lessons Aberdeen, we love a good guitar shop (although our wallets might not!) - to help you find what you are looking for we have compiled a short list of a few of the most important guitar shops in Aberdeen. Bruce Millers, my personal favourite, sadly closed down in 2011 - a theme that has reoccurred with a number of our guitar shops - so in no particular order, he is a short review of those still standing! In no order...

RB Music is by far Aberdeen's best guitar shop following the closure of Bruce Millers in 2011. Packed full of guitars and guitar equipment the shop, located at 67 The Green within Aberdeen's city centre, boasts everything that a guitarist could want. The friendly staff offer extremely helpful advice too, RB Music's awesome website keeps you up to date with their great offers as well as notifies you of new guitar arrivals! Established in 1984, the store stocks guitars for all budgets - great for beginner guitarists and although its stock of Gibson is perhaps lacking it more than makes up for it with other guitar brands including Fender, PRS, Epiphone and Ibanez. RB Music's range of guitar pedals and amps are also second to none - with prices that are good to great. A top guitar shop, well worth checking out if you are a keen guitarist!

Imported Instruments is a shiny new guitar shop that has recently opened up in the Academy. It is a retail music store chain located across Scotland, packed full of guitars and guitar equipment to suit all price ranges. It also has a great selection of guitar music and friendly staff to help you out. The shop is a good size and there is plenty of choice between the major guitar and guitar amp brands - Imported Instruments also has a fantastic online shop with literally hundreds of electric and acoustic guitars, as well as guitar effect pedals much more. A good standard run of the mill guitar store they will sort out almost all your guitar needs! 

GJ Guitars is a custom guitar shop located in Aberdeen, it is great if you wish to modify your guitar or buy an unusual or unique custom build. Established in 1980 by Graeme, who went full time in 1994 repairing and modify electric guitars, the shop produces some unusual and often great results. The body colour of the guitars looks fantastic, far better than some of the big guitar makes, with the shape of the guitar making them certainly unique. A great custom guitar shop - perfect for your modification needs! (Not so good if you want a cheap first guitar!)

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