Famous Aberdeen Bands

Famous Aberdeen Bands

Aberdeen has a thriving music scene, with great venues and most importantly some great local bands! We also have a rich history of producing some truly amazing musicians, the likes of Annie Lennox (Eurythmics), the cult progressive rock band Pallas and The Shamen. Here at Guitar Lessons Aberdeen, we love to see our students inspired by musicians originating from Aberdeen making themselves into international superstars so we have written a little bit about some of Aberdeen's most famous bands.

Annie Lennox, perhaps Aberdeen's most famous artist, has sold over 80 million records worldwide. Born on Christmas day 1954 Lennox began to learn piano from an early age, singing around her house as often as she could - after finishing school she attended the Royal Academy of Music in London singing in a few minor bands as she studied. In the early 1980s, she formed The Eurythmics with Dave Stewart, the band quickly gained national interest with the release of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This). In 1992 Lennox released her first solo album Diva - the album reached UK album chart at no.1 selling over 1.2 million copies in the UK alone. Her second album Medusa released in 1995 also became a UK sensation, reaching number no.1 and confirming Lennox's place as one of the leading female singers in the music industry. Peace, The Eurythmics first new album in over 10 years was released in 1999 and certified a UK gold - the last full album released by The Eurythmics was again met with a warm reception. Lennox maintains her place in rock history, performing at the London Olympics and actively campaigning for multiple causes including HIV, Greenpeace and the Burma Campaign UK - she now lives in London with her two daughters.

The Shamen, an 80s and early 90s cult electro-house band, mixed a whole range of wacky guitar, drum and bass riffs with multiple studio effects to create a song that is probably best compared to artists such as Fatboyslim. During the late 80s, their constant touring of the UK underground scene grew their fan base dramatically. Indeed, their 1992, Boss Drum album stormed the UK charts reaching no.3 and going platinum - all the songs from the album spawned multiple remixes and generated the band international fame both here in the UK and across the pond in America. By 1999, however, the bands activities were dying down, with the four main members leaving to pursue other projects.

Pallas, a cult progressive rock band formed in the 1980s also began life in Aberdeen. Originally named Rainbow, a name changed after Deep Purple's Ritchie Blackmore formed a new band with the same name, Pallas grew to become one of the well known progressive rock acts in the 1980s - releasing The Sentinel in 1984 which reached 41 in the UK album charts. However, their popularity waned over the next ten years despite a number of other album releases. Despite the bands continued existence Pallas cannot be certainly seen as a band from the past which helps to define the prog-rock movement in the 80s.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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